Supporting Inclusive Excellence with International Student Services

International Students

Course Description

International students are an integral component of campus internationalization. In what ways can we support international students through inclusive excellence?

This e-learning course identifies the needs of international students in US higher education and explores ways in which to educate and affirm them in their exploration of race, sexual identity, gender variance, and health/wellness.

Through this course, you will:

  • Learn the role of international educators (listen, learn, partner, educate)
  • Be better equipped to address how to support international students navigating a balance of cultural preservation and cultural immersion
  • Learn how Care’s Women’s Empowerment and Critical Race Theory can inform the way we think about international student’s experiences

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Jacquis Watters
Jacquis Watters
Diversity Educator in the Division of Student Affairs, Stevens Institute of Technology

About the instructor

Jacquis Watters currently serves as the Diversity Educator in the Division of Student Affairs at Stevens Institute of Technology. As a practitioner, she has blended discussions on the intersectionality of social identities such as race, gender, and sexuality into international education through her involvement in Diversity Abroad Network and Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Conference on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in International Education; as well as, through national and international conference presentations.

What's included?

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