Designing Inclusive Curriculum for Education Abroad

Faculty Development Series

Course Description

In this course, participants will explore how to design inclusive curriculum from the perspective of participant identities, backgrounds and experiences, and from inclusive teaching and learning abroad perspectives. The course includes strategies for how to align site selection with desired learning objectives to meet diverse student learner needs and strategies for maximizing the resources available for inclusive teaching and learning abroad. Participants will explore three features of inclusive curriculum: the self, the learner, and the community.

The intended learning outcomes are to:

  • Identify challenges to designing an inclusive curriculum in education abroad
  • Learn key principles informing inclusive curricular design
  • Understand how the national context, space and place, and processing and debriefing impact curricular considerations for inclusive excellence abroad
  • Explore case studies for deeper self-reflection for building inclusive curriculum

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Teboho Moja
Teboho Moja
Professor of Higher Education at New York University

About the instructor

Dr. Teboho Moja is a Professor of Higher Education at New York University. Annually, she leads program abroad to South Africa, India, Turkey and Germany. She teaches course on Research in Higher Education, International Perspectives on Reform, and Globalization and Higher Education. Teboho has published extensively in the areas of governance of higher education, policy processes, and the impact of globalization on higher education. She is a co-author of a book on educational change in South Africa. In 2010, she was appointed visiting professor at the University of Oslo (Norway) and University of Tampere (Finland).

She also holds honorary positions at the University of the Western Cape and the University of Pretoria in South Africa, and was the chair of the Board of Trustees at the University of South Africa. She was instrumental in establishing the Center for Higher Education Transformation (CHET) in South Africa to monitor and stimulate debates on change issues in the nation. She was appointed the Executive Director and Commissioner to the National Commission on Higher Education appointed by President Mandela. The Commission produced a national report that provided a framework for higher education reform in South Africa. Before coming to NYU, Teboho Moja served as a Special Advisor to the Minister of Education.

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