International Student Series

Explore this three part series on supporting International Students!


Being Brave: Empowering Program Directors to Engage in Courageous Conversations

This course equips program directors with how to lead safe, authentic and effective dialogues or ‘courageous conversations’ abroad through the lens of critical self-reflection and student reflexivity.


Critical and Social Pedagogies for Inclusive Excellence in Education Abroad

This course explores how theoretical perspectives on critical and social pedagogy can be used to develop inclusive education abroad programs that are culturally-responsive and student-centered.


Designing Inclusive Curriculum for Education Abroad

This course equips program directors with the strategies and tools for designing inclusive curriculum in education abroad.


Personal Health, Wellness and Self-Care for Leading Programs Abroad

This course will empower program leaders with the tools for reducing stress, prioritizing self-care and finding a balance between personal and professional life while leading programs abroad.


Program Director Roles in Inclusive Education Abroad

This course will provide program directors with an overview of their roles and co-curricular responsibilities in leading inclusive education abroad programs.